Contract Research OrganizationPatient recruitment & clinical data
    Clinical trials in phases II-IV in Russia
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  • 2-day GCP training

    for investigators in MoscowLearn how to conduct clinical trials in accordance to the principles of ICH GCP Read More
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Servicesof Asclepius CRO

Good Clinical Practice training
A 2-day Good Clinical Practice training is held in Moscow and thoroughly covers everything an investigator should know and understand how to conduct clinical trials in accordance to the principles of ICH GCP. Read More
Monitoring & Data management
Our take-up of the most modern technologies in data management illustrates our proactive approach. We use technology with the aim of constantly developing our motivation to provide the best data as a source of pride and satisfaction.
Clinical trials in phases II-IV
We guarantee excellence in the specialized field of clinical trials in Russia and back this up with the transparency and loyalty that our clients would expect from their own staff. Read More
Independent Auditing and Consulting on request
We thoroughly review internally our ongoing clinical research experience to check that we are getting optimal results for the resources we invest in site selection, patient recruitment and data collection.



Asclepius Ltd: enhanced patient recruitment and clinical data

Asclepius Ltd. was founded in 2006 in response to the ongoing growth of the clinical trials market in Russia. Asclepius Ltd. is an independent Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to carrying out clinical trials in phases II-IV in Russia to the highest standards of GCP. With our experience of the Russian market we are confident that we can match the potential advantages of trialing your drug here with the most professional working practices... Read More

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